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    What we treat?


    Indian men do not take their health seriously.

    Men reported ED and PE impact their dating life
    Men avoid wellness encounters due to their poor performance in the bedroom
    Indian men have encountered wellness health and performance-related issues at one point

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    Why Prime Purush?

    Integrated approach – Get effective and satisfactory results with the power of Ayurveda and modern medicine – all in one.

    Experienced Expertise: Our team of experienced professionals specialises in men’s wellness health, ensuring you receive expert guidance and personalised care throughout your journey.

    Comprehensive Solutions: We offer a comprehensive range of treatments, addressing concerns like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, and more, providing holistic solutions for your well-being.

    Confidentiality and Comfort: At Prime Purush, we prioritise your privacy and provide a safe, judgment-free environment where you can openly discuss your concerns and seek the help you need without hesitation.

    Proven Results: Our treatments have helped countless individuals regain their confidence, allowing them to enjoy satisfying and intimate experiences. We are committed to delivering results that last.

    Seamless Digital Experience: We provide more than access to practical solutions on our platform. We also serve as a central hub for knowledge, resources, and personalised guidance. Our goal is to assist you throughout your journey towards wellness vitality by answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and offering continuous support.

    Choose Prime Purush for exceptional care, proven expertise, and personalised solutions that will enable you to unleash your potential and embrace a more confident and fulfilling life.

    USPs of Prime Purush

    Our unique treatment process empowers you with enhanced confidence and unlocks your full potential for a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

    Increased Confidence

    Reclaim your self-assurance and feel more confident in your ability to perform and satisfy your partner.

    Enhanced Relationships

    A healthy and satisfying relationship is vital for overall relationship harmony.

    Overall Well-being

    Our comprehensive treatment process offers a holistic transformation, improving mental and emotional well-being, increased vitality, and a renewed zest for life.

    What Sets Prime Purush Apart?

    • Home 3x certified formula (Ayurveda, Modern medicine, and Nutrition)
    • Home Fast and Long lasting results
    • Home Regular follow-up with a wellness coach via voice call, video call, or chat support

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Prime Purush offer personalised consultations or one-on-one coaching for health concerns?

    At Prime Purush, we prioritise tailored treatment approaches for every patient through our free teleconsultation services. We understand that many men often avoid getting treatment because of accessibility issues. Hence, we offer discrete consultations that can be attended from the comfort of one’s home.

    We offer treatments tailored to the root causes, hence, everything is personalised and targeted to meet the patient’s requirements.

    What are the common causes of erectile dysfunction, and what solutions does Prime Purush recommend?

    Erectile dysfunction can be due to physical concerns like hypertension, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, etc. or psychological concerns like stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

    At Prime Purush, we offer a comprehensive and integrated treatment approach to addressing erectile dysfunction in every patient. We prioritise personalised consultations to understand the root cause before prescribing medications or tailoring the treatment approach.

    What types of health issues does Prime Purush cover?

    Our specialists at Prime Purush are qualified and experienced to address every kind of men’s health concern, irrespective of how big or small the issue is. From common issues like erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation and fertility issues to performance, we are here to look into all your problems and prioritise treatment that boosts your overall well-being.

    How to Schedule a Consultation with Prime Purush?

    At Prime Purush, we prioritise accessibility, which is why we offer free teleconsultation services. You can directly call or send us a message on WhatsApp at +91-88007 01967. Our team will take notes of your concerns and connect you with one of our specialists for further medical evaluation and treatment.

    Early Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

    Early symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) can vary from person to person, but they generally involve difficulties achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient for satisfactory activity.

    Following are a few early signs worth prioritising:

    • Reduced firmness or rigidity of erections
    • Difficulty initiating or sustaining an erection
    • Decreased desire or libido
    • Increased time or effort to achieve an erection
    • Frequent or recurring episodes of unsatisfactory erections
    Early Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

    Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition characterised by the inability to delay ejaculation during activity, and the early symptoms of this condition are as follows:

    • Ejaculation that consistently occurs with minimal stimulation
    • Difficulty controlling or delaying ejaculation
    • Feelings of frustration, guilt, or embarrassment
    • Anxiety or worry about encounters
    • Relationship strain
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