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Wed, 27 Mar 2024

Men’s health concerns, particularly those related to intimate and reproductive health, can be a source of significant emotional and physical distress. Studies found that 21.5% of the participants in the research were subjected to experiencing one or multiple kinds of intimacy dysfunction.

With the lingering taboo concerning discussions around men’s intimate health and shortcomings, most men live a life in anguish instead of getting the help that they need. Feelings of shame, guilt, and pride often override the importance of timely medical intervention.

At Prime Purush, our team of the best s*xologists in India are committed to eradicating this social stigma and prioritizing open discussion. We prioritize making treatment accessible so no man has to struggle in silence.

What do we treat?

Prime Purush offers comprehensive medical solutions for a variety of male intimate health concerns, including:

1. Erectile Dysfunction

ED is explained as a man’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection while one is engaging in intimacy for satisfactory intercourse. From physical to psychological issues, a lot of triggers can contribute to the onset of this issue. We employ a multifaceted approach, including medication, healthy changes to one’s lifestyle, and counseling, to address the root cause of ED and restore your confidence in the bedroom.

2. Premature Ejaculation (PE)

PE is the uncontrolled, involuntary ejaculation that occurs too soon during intimacy activity, leading to distress for both yourself and your partner. Our team can help identify the underlying causes of PE, whether physical, psychological, or a combination of both, and offer personalized treatment plans.

3. Low Libido

Low libido refers to a decreased desire for intimate activity. This can be caused by various factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances, relationship issues, and certain medications. At Prime Purush, we delve into the potential causes of your low libido and offer treatment options that are best suited to help you overcome your struggles.

4. Impotence

Often used interchangeably with ED, impotence refers to the complete inability to achieve and subsequently maintain a firm erection while having intercourse. Given that the condition can potentially disrupt one’s emotional well-being and deter them from having optimal self-confidence, our s*xologist doctor offers comprehensive solutions to address your concerns.

Best S*xologist in India – Prime Purush

When you are struggling with intimate complications and issues pertaining to your reproductive health, having access to the best s*xologist can be a game-changer. It enables you to get to the bottom of the concern and find out triggers that are preventing you from experiencing fulfilling intimacy in the bedroom with your partner.

At Prime Purush, our leading specialists are trained to offer comprehensive, individualized, and effective treatment solutions that guarantee visible results within a few weeks. Since our treatments are conducted via teleconsultation, you will also never have to worry about your right to privacy. Everything can be done with utmost confidentiality and from the comfort of your home.

We prioritize a holistic approach with our treatment plans, wherein you get to work alongside the top s*xologist in India and focus on uprooting the concerns from the root instead of offering temporary solutions to the symptoms you might be experiencing.

Our holistic approach considers physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors, which also explains why our team of specialists boasts not only the best male intimate health doctors but also psychologists, nutritionists, and wellness coaches.

Some of the factors that regard Prime Purush as the leading center for treating sexual dysfunction in males include:

Expert s*xologists and specialists

Our team comprises some of the best male reproductive health doctors (s*xologists) in India, who are highly qualified and possess extensive experience in treating various male intimate concerns. We prioritize compassionate care wherein you can express your concerns without fearing judgment.

Comprehensive care

Anything and everything related to male intimate health concerns is addressed at Prime Purush. From erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation or even something as common as performance anxiety, our leading team of specialists is here to address all of these concerns without any compromises.

Confidentiality and discretion

The sensitive nature of intimate health concerns is often what withholds men from seeking the treatment they require. At Prime Purush, our services and treatments are designed to keep every detail and discussion confidential and discrete. Our consultations are telephonic, so you can get your treatment plan on your mobile devices without leaving your home.

Concerned about the shortcomings in your intimate experiences? Schedule your consultation with the top s*xologist in India with Prime Purush!

When is the Right Time to See the Top S*xologist in India?

When do you know that you need help from a renowned and reliable s*xologist in India to address your intimate health concerns? This is where you need to take the symptoms seriously instead of brushing them under the rug:

  • Not being able to get an erection or maintain
  • Frequent episodes of premature ejaculation lead to unfulfilled intimate experiences for you and your partner.
  • Low libido or intimate drive that’s affecting your quality of life and relationships.
  • Having constant worry and anxiety about bedroom performance.
  • Facing relationship issues related to intimacy.
  • Having issues related to hormonal imbalance or reproductive health.

If you are experiencing any or multiple of these concerns, it is time for an early intervention and fix things before it is too late.

How to Get Started with Your Treatment at Prime Purush?

At Prime Purush, we are committed to empowering men to achieve optimal intimate health and well-being. But how do you get started?

It is a four-step simple process:

  • You can call or WhatsApp us at our teleconsultation number and leave us your query. Our team will assess your concern and get back to you with a date and time for further consultation with our gupt rog doctor.
  • During the consultation, you will be prescribed tests to analyze the underlying causes contributing to your shortcomings in the bedroom. Our specialists will also examine your medical history and discuss the symptoms you might be experiencing.
  • Based on the test results and evaluation, an individualized treatment plan is curated for you. The e-prescription might or might not include medications formulated by our specialists at Prime Purush.
  • Once you start your treatments, you will be scheduled for follow-up appointments around 3-4 weeks after the first consultation. During this period, the treatment’s effectiveness is assessed, and adjustments are made to the treatment plan to uplift your intimate fulfillment in the bedroom.

Prime Purush offers an integrated treatment approach that leverages the power of modern medicine and Ayurveda. We also focus on preventative treatment, wherein our specialists focus on altering the patient’s lifestyle to best support the outcomes of the treatment they are on.

To schedule a confidential consultation with one of our experienced doctors, please contact us today!


1. How much will it cost to avail treatment from a top s*xologist in India at Prime Purush?

With a motto to make male intimate health treatment accessible, we offer free teleconsultation at Prime Purush. So, the first consultation that you have with our top s*xologist will be on us. You can also get a comprehensive assessment evaluation and a tailored treatment plan to get your desired results.

2. Does Prime Purush offer medications for treating s*xual dysfunction?

Every patient’s requirements and medical history are different. So, when it comes to prescribing medications, it depends on the severity of the medical condition. If our specialists feel you need medications, they will prescribe the same to you.

3. Are there surgical interventions offered at Prime Purush?

At present, we don’t offer any surgical interventions for correcting intimate dysfunction in men at Prime Purush. Our treatment focuses on lifestyle changes, medications, and behavioral changes.

4. Are s*xologists and urologists the same?

Urologists are medical professionals who specifically emphasize the male patient’s reproduction concerns that could be affecting their intimacy. S*xologists, on the other hand, are medical professionals who focus on identifying s*xual health concerns with particular emphasis on the physiological and psychological aspects of it.

5. Do the s*xologists at Prime Purush offer treatment to international patients?

If you are from outside India and want to avail our consultations, we recommend you contact our team. Based on your query and our doctors’ availability, you will receive intimation about the next steps in the treatment.

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