7 Major Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

According to comprehensive research, it shows that the global prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction was 3-76.5%, which goes to show that the condition is a lot more prevalent than we think. Reports also suggest that the condition was more common in young men.

The societal taboo, especially surrounding men’s s*xual health, is a reason why most men are either scared or too ashamed to get the medical help they need to navigate the problem. Most men don’t even consider treatment, affecting their self-esteem, relationships, and s*xual pleasure in the bedroom.

This article will explore the top 7 significant symptoms of erectile dysfunction that one should pay attention to and get relevant help as needed.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a prevalent condition that affects millions of men worldwide. It refers to the inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for satisfactory s*xual performance.

Keep in mind that experiencing issues with getting and maintaining an erection once in a while is considered normal. However, if the problem becomes persistent and occurs frequently, that’s when it becomes a cause for concern.

Besides affecting one’s s*xual pleasure, erectile dysfunction also contributes to affected self-confidence and relationship turmoil.

What are the Prevalent Signs of Erectile Dysfunction?

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction involve physical, physiological, and psychological complications. Given that one in ten adult males suffers from ED, it is safe to assume that the condition is much more common than we assume.

However, the problem lies in men getting the help they need to overcome the challenges. Let’s understand this with numbers. Specialists suggest that if a man fails to get an erection less than 20% of the time, it is normal. However, if they fail to get an erection 50% of the time while engaging in s*xual intercourse, that’s a matter of concern.

Following are some of the most critical symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction:

  1. Difficulty Achieving an Erection

One of the primary symptoms of erectile dysfunction is difficulty achieving an erection. This symptom can manifest as the complete inability to get an erection or experiencing weak or inconsistent erections.

The most common reason behind this symptom is due to restricted or improper blood flow to the penile region of the individual. Since achieving an erection is a complex interplay between the blood vessels, nerves, and smooth muscle tissue in the penis, any restrictions can lead to ED issues.

When the blood flow to the penis is restricted, the erectile tissue may not receive adequate oxygen and nutrients, resulting in difficulty in achieving and sustaining an erection.

At Prime Purush, we often highlight that erectile dysfunction in the patient could result from an undiagnosed condition like atherosclerosis. Getting a comprehensive evaluation is thus crucial before starting the treatment.

  1. Inability to Maintain an Erection

ED isn’t just characterized by the inability to GET an erection. The symptoms of erectile dysfunction also include an inability to MAINTAIN an erection.

In this case, there could be two routes of concern:

  • Issues related to the smooth muscle tissues in the penis
  • Disruption of the chemical balance that contributes to the erection process

The smooth muscles in the penis are responsible for trapping the blood within the erectile tissue, helping individuals maintain an erection. Lack of proper contraction and relaxation of these muscles contribute to the loss of the erection, triggering signs of erectile dysfunction in the patient.

Some of the common underlying conditions that can trigger this issue include impaired smooth muscle function, including diabetes, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, or the use of certain medications.

  1. Reduced s*xual Desire or Reduced Libido

Not just physical symptoms, erectile dysfunction also leads to decreased s*xual desire, in a condition often known as hypoactive s*xual desire disorder (HSDD).

However, you need to understand that the sign of reduced libido is multifactorial, meaning that several underlying causes besides erectile dysfunction drive it.

Some of the most potent ones include:

Hormonal imbalance – Lower levels of testosterone.

Psychological factors – Signs of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, etc.

Chronic medical conditions – Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.

A combination of these factors, paired with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, often contributes to reduced libido in the patient.

Our clinically formulated products, Prime Purush Max and Prime Purush Plus, which are formulated by doctors, bridge those concerns and help you restore a fulfilling s*xual life and satisfaction.

  1. Premature or Delayed Ejaculation

In some cases of erectile dysfunction, some men experience premature and delayed ejaculation. Let’s understand them better:

Premature ejaculation refers to the inability to delay ejaculation until desired, resulting in ejaculation occurring shortly after s*xual stimulation or before penetration.

Delayed ejaculation involves a prolonged time to reach orgasm or ejaculation, even with adequate stimulation.

Both of these conditions are often driven by several psychological factors like performance anxiety, lingering stress, etc., which affect the ejaculatory reflex in the patient. Physical factors, like hormonal imbalance and nerve function, can also contribute to the symptoms.

  1. Curvature of the Penis

This might seem an underrated symptom, but one that deserves a mention. Some cases of erectile dysfunction are associated with Peyronie’s disease, a condition characterized by the development of scar tissue within the penis.

The sudden shift in the curvature of the penis often leads to painful or challenging s*xual intercourse, contributing to physical and psychological complications in the patient.

Peyronie’s disease may cause erectile dysfunction by disrupting the typical structure and function of the erectile tissue, impeding blood flow and proper expansion during an erection.

  1. Lack of Morning Erections

As weird as it sounds, “morning wood,” as many call it, is a regular occurrence. Morning erections are spontaneous erections that occur during sleep. It is a sign of the healthy s*xual well-being of an individual.

However, in patients with signs of erectile dysfunction, lack of morning erections is a prevalent symptom.

The absence of morning erections in men with ED can indicate underlying physiological issues. These erections typically result from the release of neurochemicals during the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep phase, which helps maintain penile health and ensure proper blood flow.

The lack of it in the morning could showcase a potential sign of hormonal imbalance, restricted blood flow to the penis, etc.

  1. Psychological Distress

Understanding the erectile dysfunction causes is quintessential, especially because the symptoms of this complication aren’t restricted to the patient’s physical well-being. It affects them mentally as well.

Men experiencing ED may develop frustration, low self-esteem, and depression. The psychological distress may further exacerbate the condition, leading to a vicious cycle of anxiety and erectile problems.

Performance anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship difficulties can all contribute to erectile difficulties.

At Prime Purush, we prioritize connecting our patients to s*xual wellness coaches that help them understand their underlying stressors and implement effective ways to overcome those complications for a healthy and fulfilling s*x life with their partners.


Erectile dysfunction is a multifaceted condition that can significantly affect a man’s s*xual and emotional well-being. Understanding the erectile dysfunction reasons is vital in recognizing the underlying causes and seeking appropriate medical intervention.

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  1. Can I check if I have erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction treatment should always be done under the advice and guidance of a trained specialist and professional. Since underlying concerns are often associated with the onset of ED in patients, the treating doctor must pay close attention to the signs and symptoms. To make sure this step is not missed consult one of our specialists at Prime Purush for further assistance. Self-evaluation of ED isn’t advised.

  1. What is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a multi-faceted condition and has a variety of causes and underlying complications. Among them, restricted blood flow to the penile region is the most common cause.

  1. Which medicine is best for erectile dysfunction?

The best medicine for erectile dysfunction depends on the patient’s diagnosis. At Prime Purush, our first step is to analyze what’s contributing to the symptoms and then implement a relevant treatment plan consisting of clinically approved medications, Prime Purush Max, and Prime Purush Plus. Our medications offer guaranteed results in three months.

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